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How do I start my Free Membership?

  • As a qualified Retailer, Membership on CDE is Free- no monthly charges, no transaction fees or commissions.
  • To start your Free Membership, click Join CDE and enter the required information. All information is kept confidential, see our Privacy Policy
  • To maintain security of the pricing information, one of our Administrative Staff will contact you to verify all the information you provided, just to make sure there are no retail customers gaining access.
  • You can be both a buyer and seller, but you must register in both sectors. Both services are absolutely free, and all listings must be GCAL certified.

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How do I use CDE to obtain diamonds?

  • CDE operates just like other major, online diamond sites.
  • Once you login, select the criteria for the diamond you seek. There are “quick search” buttons on the selection page to speed your search.
  • When the diamond listings appear, you can click on the left column to see a full image of the GCAL Certificate for that single diamond.
  • Also on the listings page, you can click to see additional details of each diamond, including larger images of the Gemprint, photomicrographs of the table and pavilion and in some cases, the grade setting inclusions, specific measurements of the dimensions of the diamond and other key characteristics.
  • When you select one or more diamonds you would like to obtain, click on the Seller information for that diamond and you will see the contact information for that Seller. Contact the Seller and provide the required information to the Seller to obtain quick delivery of the diamond to your doorstep.


Why should I use CDE instead of other exchanges?

  • Your access is Free as a qualifying Retailer with no monthly charges or transaction charges.
  • You only receive GCAL Certified Diamonds which carry the GCAL Consumer Guarantee that provides a cash-back warranty for accuracy.
  • You will receive more consistently graded diamonds, saving you time and money, because GCAL guarantees the quality of the diamond.
  • Your customers will appreciate the GCAL Consumer Guarantee instead of the disclaimers and opinions on other diamond reports, because your customers DO READ the documents you provide.
  • You will have more support from CDE Sellers since our Administrative Staff regularly checks the CDE listings with the Sellers to verify that the diamonds listed are available and that the prices are accurate—this saves you time and money.
  • You will protect your brand using GCAL Certified Diamonds from CDE because the quality is guaranteed by GCAL. If any customer claims they can obtain a similar quality diamond from any other retailer, just ask the customer to make sure that the quality of the diamond is GUARANTEED BY THE LAB. If not, then explain to the customer that most likely the other diamond is not of the same quality as the GCAL Certified Diamond.
  • You will have Sales Training Aids available from GCAL to assist you and your sales staff to sell more GCAL Certified Diamonds. The online Sales Training Aids include easy, self-administered sections on almost all aspects of GCAL Certified Diamonds and include a self-administered quiz. You can find the GCAL Sales Training Aids on the GCAL website at www.gemfacts.com.


CDE exclusively offers GCAL Certified Diamonds - GCAL - Gem Certification & Assurance Lab - Integrity Guaranteed