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May 20, 2024
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About Us

The Certified Diamond Exchange (CDE) is a part of the Certified Luxury Exchange, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Collectors Universe, Inc., a publicly traded company with shares traded on the NASDAQ Global Markets. CDE was launched to provide retail jewelers with a stable source of diamonds that are certified for the authenticity and quality ratings, especially in color and clarity, with the service provided by Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL) that offers the Zero Tolerance Consumer Grading Guarantee (see below). GCAL offers other benefits that improve the opportunity for diamond sales and up-sell opportunities and provides a point of differentiation and value justification based on the consumer-oriented information on the GCAL certificate.

For diamond retailers, CDE is a FREE and simple and convenient way to obtain GCAL certified diamonds that are consistently and accurately graded for presentation to your customers. Using the Internet and the CDE sorting tools, you can quickly find diamonds that meet your needs and identify the Sellers of these diamonds for direct connection. You will enjoy some of the unique aspects of the GCAL certificate integrated into its detail item page and you will find as we continue development new features will be added. To know more about the GCAL certificate, visit http://www.gemfacts.com/Services.

For diamond Sellers, CDE is perhaps the most heavily marketed diamond trading site and is backed by the resources of Collectors Universe with the experience of using, managing and owning an exchange in another market (see below). Your inventory will be marketed directly to the best buyers in the marketplace with print and email support. You can also enjoy the benefit of the GCAL "crossover" service where GCAL will certify the grade of another laboratory service and add the GCAL Zero Tolerance Consumer Guarantee so that you have the benefit of both the other laboratory service and the GCAL guaranteed certificate and the marketing of the CDE of your GCAL certified diamonds. Call GCAL at 212-869-8985 to learn more about the crossover service.

In the luxury markets, Collectors Universe also owns Gem Certification & Assurance Lab, Inc., a leading authentication and grading firm in the diamond markets, and American Gemological Laboratories, Inc, a leading authentication and grading firm in colored gemstones.

CDE also has related companies in the exchange business in other high value assets, including the Certified Coin Exchange which offers a dealer-to-dealer marketplace which carries certified rare coins with an average of over 100,000 rare coins valued at approximately $200 million. CCE has been a marketplace in US certified rare coin trading between major coin dealers in the United States since 1990 with similar operations for uncertified coins dating back to the 1960?s. Certified Con Exchange is also related to Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), the leading authentication and grading service in rare coins and also a subsidiary of Collectors Universe.

CDE is executing an aggressive plan to bring GCAL certified diamonds from the top diamond Sellers to diamond retailers all over the United States. Please take advantage of the opportunity to satisfy your customers with the GCAL Diamond Grading Certificate with the Zero Tolerance Consumer Grading Guarantee, direct light performance measurement, Gemprint security and other benefits.