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Increase Consumer Confidence

  • Your customer has more confidence with the purchase of a GCAL Certified Diamond with the cash-back guarantee.
  • More confidence in the purchase means more confidence in you -- and therefore more likely to return for another purchase.
  • Your customer can easily see the difference between any two or more diamonds with the GCAL Direct Assessment Light Performance, a direct measurement of the pixels of light, not a theoretical analysis.
  • Your customer can see the fingerprint of the diamond with Gemprint and know that GCAL has an electronic copy in the lab database to insure that the diamond is the same diamond examined in the lab.
  • If your customer s diamond is ever lost or stolen, the Gemprint can be used to assist legal authorities in identification and recovery.
  • When you compare the benefits to your customer with a GCAL Certified Diamond compared with any other diamond you can find on any other website, you will determine that CDE delivers the diamond that has the best opportunity of customer satisfaction.

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Available In Stock

  • In stock means that the diamonds on CDE are regularly verified by our Administrative Staff with the Sellers to insure that the diamond listed is still available.
  • In stock means that the diamonds on CDE are verified by out Administrative Staff to insure the diamonds are priced properly.
  • You see the most accurate listings without delay or hassle because CDE does the work to verify availability of the listed diamonds.

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Guaranteed Quality

  • Guaranteed means that all diamonds listed on CDE are guaranteed under the GCAL Consumer Grading Guarantee to be accurate in color and clarity.
  • This means that you can be assured of consistency in quality when seeking a diamond on CDE and that all diamonds are as represented.
  • Seller's diamonds are entered on CDE using the GCAL certificate number and tied to the original data at GCAL so you only see the accurate infromation that GCAL placed on the certificate.
  • You'll see the consistency of grading in a GCAL Certified Diamond and you'll have no more hassles because the diamond does not meet your expectation.

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Protect Your Brand

  • Your brand receives the best defense with the GCAL Certified Diamond because each diamond is supported by a cash-back warranty of accuracy.
  • GCAL is a subsidiary of a NASDAQ publicly traded copmany, the only diamond lab with filing requirements under the Securities and Exchange Commission and Sarbanes Oxley internal controls.
  • When your customers read the GCAL Diamond Certificate, they will realize the warranty of accuracy instead of the surprise by reading a diamond report with just an opinion and many disclaimers.
  • When you sell a GCAL Certified Diamond from CDE, you receive the added value of Gemprint™ (the "fingerprint" of the diamond) with the assurance that the diamond certified in the GCAL lab is the same diamond as shown onhte certificate.
  • You also receive added benefit from the GCAL Direct Assessment Light Performance on brilliance and symmetry, photomicrographs of the diamond and the girdle engraving all shown on the diamond certificate, all providing additional support for your retail value.

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Sales Training Aids

  • You benefit from GCAL’s online Sales Training Aids which easily describe the key differences between GCAL Certified Diamonds and any other diamond report.
  • The online Sales Training Aids are designed to provide your sales personnel at the retail counter valuable information that is designed to increase sales of diamond jewelry with GCAL Certificates.
  • The online Sales Training Aids provide easy, self-administered sections on almost all aspects of GCAL Certified Diamonds and include a self-administered quiz.
  • The Sales Training Aids are available at the GCAL website at www.gemfacts.com


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